Frequently Asked Questions - General FAQ's

FAQs - General FAQ's
Acme Snow Removal is Prosser and Gray’s Crossing expert for snow removal, offering the highest level of snow removal. We try to customize snow removal for each homeowner or renter, offering homes better snow removal and more value for their dollar. With Acme Snow Removal, customer service is most important to us.Acme Snow Removal...A name you can trust!
All snow removal contracts begin November 1st and end after the third weekend in April. During a storm we plow when approximately 4” of snow accumulate Plowing continues until each customer has received at least one plow during a 24 hour period.
The timing of storms can be pretty unpredictable. There is no set start time each day, although 70% of start times are between 1am- 3 am. Because of the unpredictability and severity of the weather, we cannot guarantee that we will arrive at your house at a set time every day. Route clearing times depend on: Whether or not the street plows have cleared the streets. We try to follow their tractors so we do not have to come back to do the berms. What size the berms are that the street plows have made - Berm snow removal is much harder and companct snow, making it more difficult to remove. Equipment breakdowns - many of these can be prevented if driveways are kept clear of shovels, sleds, wood, newspapers, rope, extension cords, etc. Road Traffic - we prefer to plow when it is dark because of safety issues and reduced traffic, although this is not alway possible depending on when it starts snowing. Depth of snow - once snow reaches over 8-12 inches, clearing times increase quite a bit - meaning the more snow there is the longer it takes us to get through our routes. Type of snow - light, fluffy snow can be plowed much faster than heavy, thick snow, a.k.a. Sierra Cement.
These storms are extremely frustrating for everyone. If there is not enough snow accumulation by around noon, we will be out to clear the snowfall overnight or early morning. Why? Because our operators cannot plow all afternoon and evening and then be back to plow a few hours later.Driver fatigue is a major concern for us; our driver’s safety, protection of homes & driveways, and tractor safety & reliability is of the upmost importance.

No, the Town of Truckee is in charge of all the roads in Truckee. For more information, please call the Public Works at (530) 582-7707 or the Snow Removal Hotline at (530) 587-6917. You can also find additional information on their website at:  

There is a basic entry-level driveway in our neighborhoods (Two car wide & two cars deep). We have a set price to clear these driveways. This minimum price is based off of our operating costs, which include labor, fuel, parts, lubricants, insurance, replacement equipment, etc. A lot of driveways will be bid at this minimum price. Some factors which would increase that bid are: larger size, harder to clear, minimal snow storage, slope, snow load location, wind issues, roof unload, and turnouts.  

Yes, call for price. Berms are typically dependent on the width and depth of your area 

Yes, ‘Will-Calls’ are part of Acme Snow Removals service. The cost starts at minimum of $80 per clearing. However, just like a seasonal snow removal quote, the fee is based on driveway size and slope. In addition, the price of a ‘Will-Call’ is based on the amount of snow in the driveway. Most people prefer the seasonal contract for piece of mind and being most cost effective for the season. Since there are no snow poles installed we cannot maximize the snow removal clearing on the driveway due to safety of the property and the tractor. Lastly, because the snow has not been cleared for the season there will be ice build-up making for a slippery driveway, and unsafe conditions.  

We do our best to coordinate our service with the street plows, but this can be difficult. We will make sure that every shift all berms are taken care of. In some cases such as school bus routes, the city plows keep plowing throughout the day. We will make every effort to make sure you can get in and out of your driveway.  

Yes. Our specialized equipment is designed to remove packed snow. All efforts should be made to keep your driveway clear of obstacles, vehicles, and debris. Shovels, wood, sleds, skis, rope, extension chords and toys are dangerous hidden items that can damage equipment or worse, cause injury.