Frequently Asked Questions - General FAQ's

FAQs - General FAQ's

The most important precaution is keeping your driveway free of vehicles and debris hidden by snow. If vehicles are obstructing the area to be cleared, we will plow around them if possible. We occasionally do clean-up shifts, at that time we will make passes where snow has been left because of cars, roofs sliding, or decks shoveling.

 Items hidden by snow such as; shovels, wood, sleds, skis, rope, extension chords and toys are dangerous hidden items that can damage equipment or worse, cause injury to operators, property, and you. Injury can result from flying debris. Please make sure to keep items clear of the driveway  

For unforeseen accidents Acme Snow Removal maintains liability & property insurance. If you would like a copy of our insurance, we will be happy to provide it.  

Yes, we install and remove the snow poles at the beginning and end of each season. Snow poles are important for the tractor drivers; they mark exposed objects and help show curved driveways and turnouts.  

If possible please try to safely bend it back into position. If it is not possible to reinstall it, please notify us and we will send someone out to fix or replace it  

We exclusively use lightweight Holder tractors with Pronovost snow blower boxes on residential driveways and private roads. These tractors are very maneuverable, allowing us to displace the snow over cars, landscaping, and obstacles efficiently moving the snow for better snow storage.  

Yes we do. We have a crew that does, entryways, walkways, decks, and roofs. Please get in touch with us, and we can set up a quick consultation, check out the area of concern, and work out the specifics with you.  

By keeping our distance from your garage door, we are protecting it. Wet, heavy snow and/or warm ground temperature turns the base layer of snow into a slushy mess. This wet base layer tends to push out in front of the snow blower as the tractor proceeds in towards your garage door. When conditions are right (or wrong) snow rides on top of the slushy base layer and does not process properly into the snow blower. Operators are familiar with these conditions and do their best to minimize the snow deposited in front of your garage door. Please call our office and advise us if you need help removing this snow- 530-550-8100.  

We have been doing driveway snow clearing in Truckee in 2006. Call for references!

Yes, credit cards may be used through pay pal. You can access payments from the button below or the payments link at the top of our page.



It is always a good idea to stake and tie all bushes, shrubs and trees before the first snowfall. For information on winter landscape preparation, please contact us at ‘Four Seasons Landscaping’, 530-550-8100